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James Caveness

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Raised on the southern coast of California, Caveness quickly developed an appreciation for his environment. After graduating culinary school, Caveness continued his education at The Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey. It was here where he would get first hand experience with fresh, and sustainable ingredients heavily sourced from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Once completed, Caveness moved on to continue his growth in Park City, Utah. In Utah, Caveness' infatuation with sustainability skyrocketed as his appreciation for his surroundings elevated. He learned the importance of learning how to use, and cook, with what was simply provided and available at certain times of the year. Content in Utah, but wanting to expand his repertoire, Caveness accepted a position to work under Chef Ron Fougeray, at the Surf and Sand Resort located in Laguna Beach, CA. He worked up the ranks to eventually become the Sous Chef in December of 2017. In the fall of 2018 Caveness completed a stage at 3 Michelin starred Manresa operated by award winning chef David Kinch. Immersed in new flavors, scents, sounds, and techniques, Caveness' imagination peaked and he returned to Orange County, Ca finally ready to tell his story. ​​​

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